Training and Coaching

It’s not what you know, it’s what you do consistently

Being an inspiring manager or leader has very little to do with the knowledge you have. It has almost everything to do with who you are and how you behave on a daily basis.

Our training programs don’t just teach you what to do, they help you gain insight in human behaviour and the levers behind it, so you can learn how to become your own best version, and help other to do the same.

We help you develop your own unique style, and build new habits that support what you want to achieve with a combination of classroom trainings, after-training-reflection and personal coaching to find out where you are holding yourself back, and how you can stop this.

We also provide online support materials, so that you can continue to build your management habits, even after the training has been completed.


Annual Programs

Management training at 3 levels

  • Entry level
  • Middle management
  • Senior executive

Short Trainings

  • Conflict as a Creative Force
  • Feedback that Sticks
  • Understanding Human Behaviour
  • Influencing with Real Impact

Our management model

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Discover our Unique Hybrid Approach for Trainings

Discover our approach

Training helps you to build your Company Culture

Culture is what people do when no one is looking – Herb Kelleher

The culture of a company is usually something that has developed naturally: inspired by the founder, continued or adapted by his successors, brought to life by the people working for the company. And sometimes that is exactly what you want, and sometimes you would prefer to see it a bit differently. But how do you change something so intangible?

Organizing internal trainings can be an ideal way to build a common language, and to ensure that people will start holding each other accountable to the group values and norms.

If you organize a training around soft skills for a full team, this will often be a more powerful experience than a playful teambuilding, because people will get to know each other better as colleagues as well as on a more personal level. As one of our participants said: ‘we have been working together for so long, but since this training I realize that we didn’t know each other at all – and we certainly weren’t a team’.

Even with people from different teams, you will see a change in the way they work together. In our trainings we create the safety and the common vocabulary so that people can address those topics that are normally avoided. Participants start to talk to each other instead of about each other.