Choice overload?

28 May 2019

If you're anything like me, there are times that you want to give your poor overworked brain a decision-holiday.

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Uncomfortable giving compliments?

06 May 2019

Two simple steps to give compliments without feeling sleazy or over the top.

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What to do when you have a bad manager?

23 April 2019

It might be tempting to change jobs, when you have a bad manager. But what if you can't? How can you make your life better?

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Perfectionism is NOT a quality

26 March 2019

Perfectionism is a badge a lot of people wear proudly. 

They believe it says something about their commitment, their focus on results, on how good they want to be.

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The miracle solution that doesn’t work

14 March 2019

How often have you felt like the other person just doesn't understand what you're saying?

That you're good idea gets wiped off the table, just like that.


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The illusion of the comfort zone

19 February 2019

What you think of as a comfortable and safe zone, might just be what is putting you in danger.

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The 1 thing your team expects from you

07 February 2019

Whatever challenges or frustrations you're encountering in your (professional) relationships, a little bit of this habit will go a long way.

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Progress not perfection

21 January 2019

Have you ever NOT done something because you believed you weren’t good enough at it?

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To plan or not to plan (for the New Year)

10 January 2019

How did the year start for you? Are you someone who sets clear goals? General intentions? Or is the start of the year just another day for you?

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The unlikely way in which I got my promotion

20 December 2018

This a story about why the coffee machine can be a dangerous place. And about what you can do to get that promotion.

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How do you like to get feedback?

07 December 2018

When I ask you how you like to get feedback, what would you tell me?

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What do you get frustrated by?

07 December 2018

Have you ever considered that you might be your own worst enemy?

That there is one thing you do yourself, that is THE reason for all your anger, frustration or disappointment?

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5 questions to help you cure your meeting-allergy

21 November 2018

Are you suffering from meeting-overload or struggling with meeting-ineffectiveness?

These 5 simple questions can help you enjoy meetings again.

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But it feels like I'm wasting my time...

13 November 2018

I understand the need to get things done, yourself. It's fun, it's fast, and it gets you results. 

But unless you want to work day and night, you need to start spending more time with your team.

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How to take more control of your life

06 November 2018

If you want to have a positive impact in your own life, your own career, being in-powered™ is the key.

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The good, the bad & the ugly?

25 October 2018

Setting the example is not enough. If you want to have a real impact on your team, you're also going to have to do the 'real' management work.

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Are you stuck @ work?

19 October 2018

Do you ever feel unhappy, not seen, not heard, not understood, not appreciated @ work?

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Not My Monkey

09 October 2018

Do you take too much on your shoulders? Not enough? Or both?

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What do YOU focus on?

04 October 2018

You can make your day better, right now.

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Why Influencing is NOT a Dirty Word

27 September 2018

You don’t want to be a manipulator - I get it. Neither do I.

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The Worst Advice You Can Give

13 September 2018

We all do this (all the time). 

We even mean well when we do this.

But we should stop doing it now.

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Do You Do This Too?

13 September 2018

I always thought there was only one superman. The one on television, with the S on his chest.

And one superwoman of course.

It seems I was wrong.  




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How Not to Listen

10 August 2018

Stop the fake listening now.

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Don't Add Negativity

27 July 2018

Complaining doesn't help. What can you do instead?

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You Are Responsible for You

11 July 2018

Have you ever noticed how often we - unconsciously - put the responsibility for us with someone else?

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Two Things that Block your Success as a Manager

28 June 2018

I see smart, hardworking, talented people who stay stuck in their development as a manager. Why? Two simple things in your attitude can make the difference.

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Don’t Sweep it Under the Carpet / The Kindness Paradox

12 June 2018

I was raised in a conflict averse family. We would politely say nothing, bite our tongues, pretend nothing had happened. My parents wore the badge ‘in this family, we don’t fight’ proudly.

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A Tale of Two Backpacks

30 May 2018

Life isn't perfect, people aren't always nice, bad things do happen. What do you do with those experiences? 

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Tell Them

28 February 2018

People are not mind readers. Tell them if they are doing great. Tell them if something is not going well. They look at the world from their own perspective, they do not see what you see.

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When You See the Train Coming...

28 February 2018

and you are standing in the middle of the tracks...

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Two Myths that Make Us Unhappy

29 January 2018

The more we get a window into the (edited) life of others (on social media), the more we seem to feel the need to adopt these two myths, that make a lot of people unhappy every day.

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Recruitment is a Two-Way Street

29 January 2018

Have you ever asked yourself what it is like to be on the candidate’s side of the table?

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Do You Have To?

29 January 2018

‘Do I really have to spend time on all this people stuff?’ sighed the exasperated CEO. No, of course not. The only thing we all have to do is breathe and pay taxes.

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