To plan or not to plan (for the New Year)

10 januari 2019

Happiest New Year! I wish you an exceptional year in which you allow yourself to become an ever better version of you. Version 2019 :-).


How did the year start for you? Are you someone who sets clear goals? General intentions? Or is the start of the year just another day for you?


We started the year with a very clear (but unexpected) goal: finding a temporary location for our business.

As you might know, we've bought a new office space, and we were supposed to move during the holidays. 

That didn't happen. End of December we were informed that the delivery would be delayed - to second half of February.

We were literally packing up our last boxes, we had our internet connection & phone disconnected in the old place.

You get the picture...


Well - there is nothing that can't be solved by a combination of a good garage and a quick search on google.

The first to store our stuff. The second to find a temporary location.

Now that we've found a warm shelter in the Clubhouse, we can start the rest of the year.

Ready to start becoming our own version 2019.


Around this time of year, a lot of people get up on their soapbox to preach the exact way in which you should plan your year. But I believe there are different ways that are equally good - you just need to find out which one works for you. I would definitely recommend being intentional about it, but to what level you clarify, concretise & plan them, depends on your own preference. Doing it according to someone else’s standards will only make it more difficult to maintain.


How do I do get ready for the new year?

I'm not much of a goal-setter. But I do like to set clear intentions. What's the difference?

A goal would be something like: I want to go to the gym 3 times per week. I want to sent out a blog every Tuesday at 9AM.

By the irregularity of this blog, you may already have noticed, that's not how I work.


I set intentions. Focus points. Bigger ideas that guide my daily actions.

For this year, I have 3 that I want to focus on. 



We all have two versions of ourselves. The first one, is your 'default setting'. Like your smart phone when you first took it out of the box: optimal battery life, fast, ... We also have such a version of ourselves. The one where we feel ok with ourselves and the world, balanced. We have access to all the good stuff in ourselves: our intelligence, creativity, energy, empathy, assertiveness, ... The in-powered version.

And there is another one. The one where something or someone had pushed a red button. When you either clam up, get angry, or run away from the situation. We all have our very own style of being dis-inpowered™.


We have integrated this concept in all of our trainings & coachings, because it is so powerful to have a grip on this. 

To not just let it happen to you, but to learn how to manage it. To know and experience that this is something you have power over.

So this year I want to focus even more on it. Take it to the next level.

Experiment & practice more with what else I can do to be more in-powered. 

How to better prime myself for it? How to maintain it with more ease? How to go back to it with more ease? 

And integrate my learnings in our programs, so you can benefit from it as well!



I can get caught in the flow of things. I love a day full of action. 

But when I run from one thing to another, it's easy to be distracted. Not fully there.

So I would like to be more intentional about my days. Be more clear about what I want to focus on.

Not just about what I do, but especially about how I do it. Less stress. More focus. 



This is a reminder for myself that when I look at things with a positive focus, a belief that I can figure things out, I usually do figure them out.

Heaviness doesn't help me. Neither does complaining.

Being lighthearted helps me to focus on the possibilities, the solutions, the bright side of things.


These 3 focus areas reinforce each other. Being intentional & lighthearted keep me inpowered™.


What will you focus on this year? What will you do to become an even better version of yourself?


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