How to Move On

04 januari 2021

2020 is finally over.

Feels good to hear, doesn’t it?

Take a moment to breathe, do a little dance in your living room and pat yourself on the back because boy oh boy, you made it through.

2020 was brutal on our personal and professional lives, leaving most of us gasping for air on several occasions.. but you made it. Welcome to 2021!

So, where do we go from here? 

A great way to kick the new year off, would be to make an honest assessment of how you navigated the last one.

Questions such as these might help:

  • Did you try to mostly avoid challenges or did you persist in the face of setbacks?
  • Did you catch yourself feeling threatened more than once, or did you find inspiration in the success of others?
  • Did you manage to stay connected to your team on a deeper level or did you find yourself relieved that you didn’t have to deal with their personal stuff as much?

Keep in mind that there is no blame to be assigned here, you did what you could under exceptional circumstances. The choices you made didn’t reflect who you are, they reflected what you knew at the time with the tools that were available to you in that moment.

And the good part? Knowledge can be expanded upon. And that toolset can be broadened too.

Whether you choose to train your soft skills, dedicate time to introspection or read books promoting a growth mindset, this is the moment to tell yourself that whatever didn’t work for you and your team in 2020, can be done differently in 2021.

Because as a leader, whenever you invest in your personal development, you create space for your team to evolve, too. When you feel in charge, connected and confident to embrace the challenges ahead, you show your team that they too can adapt to difficulties, and thrive.

Now, after you’ve done your little living room dance and had a few celebratory drinks, let’s dedicate this new year to the fact that great leaders aren’t born, they’re made.

And if you don’t feel like you have been one lately, let’s cheers together to the fact that absolutely nothing is standing in your way to become one now.

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