The illusion of the comfort zone

19 februari 2019

Most of us yearn for something better, bigger, more fulfilling.

It might be a new job, a promotion, better work-life balance, more confidence. 

And most of us know exactly what needs to be done to get there.


So why don’t we do it?


Making choices is never just "towards" - it’s also "away from".

You'll get something new & you'll need to let go of certain things.

And sometimes we’re not ready for that.

Maybe we’re afraid of not being able, not deserving, of upsetting the status quo. 


Better the devil you know?

That's the pitfall of the comfort zone.


The comfort zone is comfortable because you’re used to it, because it fits your current idea of who you are.

It’s not comfortable because it’s right for you.


And that’s why it's a pitfall. It feels safe for all the wrong reasons - it keeps you small and away from what you really want, from who you really are, from what you could be - if only you let yourself. 


There’s nothing wrong with some quality time every so often in that safe space - but don’t mistake it for your destination - it’s just a shelter along the way to bigger things. 


Once you start moving towards where you really want to be, you’ll find other shelters (new temporary comfort zones) along the way. 

And each one will feel like an upgrade. 

Pretty soon you won’t remember why you spent so much time in that crappy dated B&B you used to love so much.


We’re made to grow, not stand still.

We're works in progress.


Your current comfort zone is not your final destination. 


Happy travels,


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