Perfectionism is NOT a quality

26 maart 2019

Perfectionism is a badge a lot of people wear proudly. 

They believe it says something about their commitment, their focus on results, on how good they want to be.


Except, it doesn't.


Perfectionism is a defense mechanism.


A survival mechanism for people who, deep down, believe they're not good enough. Not smart enough, not special enough.

Perfectionism - especially when worn proudly - is used a repellent against criticism. Like garlic against vampires.

"I've just told you I'm a perfectionist - you can't reproach me anything. "


Truth be told? 


Perfectionists don't even believe in perfection


Especially not in their own ability to achieve perfection.

So why strive for it?

So you can put yourself impossible targets? And then be frustrated you can't achieve them?


I've been there. I've tried perfectionism. It doesn't work.

It gave me stress, sleepless nights, long days, and not the results I wanted. Not the outcome. Not the peace of mind I was looking for. 


I thought that striving for perfection would make me feel safe. It made me feel haunted.


Now don't get me wrong, wanting to deliver quality is a good thing. But taking it too far is lowering your chances for success, not increasing them.


When you focus on quality instead of perfection, when you allow yourself to ask the question: "when is good good enough", you're liberating yourself. 


Whether you believe it or not, no one expects perfection from you. Except you.

People expect quality, creativity, solid results. They want you to bring your best. Not strive for the impossible.


Hello, my name is Cathy. I'm a recovering perfectionist.

And you can be too - once you realize you're creating the exact opposite of what you actually want and need.


You've got this,


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