How Not to Listen

10 augustus 2018

Do you hate it when others are not listening?


There are the talkers, the ones you cannot shut up, the ones that don't even need to catch their breath to keep going.

There are the busy ones, looking at their phone, their pc, other people, anything but you. 

And there are the subtle ones, the ones that might even believe they are great listeners. The ones who shut up when you talk. They even look at you and nod. But all they are really listening to is the voice in their own head.


Listening is not the same as shutting up while the other speaks.


Listening is paying real attention to the other person.

Listening is stopping the radio chatter in your own head.

Listening is genuine curiosity.

Listening is making a real connection.

Listening is giving the other space to form their own words.


There are few gifts as precious as real listening.

Stop the fake listening now.

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