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Choice overload?

28 May 2019

If you're anything like me, there are times that you want to give your poor overworked brain a decision-holiday.

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Progress not perfection

21 January 2019

Have you ever NOT done something because you believed you weren’t good enough at it?

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To plan or not to plan (for the New Year)

10 January 2019

How did the year start for you? Are you someone who sets clear goals? General intentions? Or is the start of the year just another day for you?

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The unlikely way in which I got my promotion

20 December 2018

This a story about why the coffee machine can be a dangerous place. And about what you can do to get that promotion.

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How do you like to get feedback?

07 December 2018

When I ask you how you like to get feedback, what would you tell me?

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What do you get frustrated by?

07 December 2018

Have you ever considered that you might be your own worst enemy?

That there is one thing you do yourself, that is THE reason for all your anger, frustration or disappointment?

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How to take more control of your life

06 November 2018

If you want to have a positive impact in your own life, your own career, being in-powered™ is the key.

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The good, the bad & the ugly?

25 October 2018

Setting the example is not enough. If you want to have a real impact on your team, you're also going to have to do the 'real' management work.

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Do You Do This Too?

13 September 2018

I always thought there was only one superman. The one on television, with the S on his chest.

And one superwoman of course.

It seems I was wrong.  




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How Not to Listen

10 August 2018

Stop the fake listening now.

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Don't Add Negativity

27 July 2018

Complaining doesn't help. What can you do instead?

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A Tale of Two Backpacks

30 May 2018

Life isn't perfect, people aren't always nice, bad things do happen. What do you do with those experiences? 

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