Choice overload?

28 mei 2019

There's nothing I like more than outsourcing the trivial choices.

Where to eat, what to eat (yup- I'm a lazy food-lover :-)) what to do on weekends, ...


Yet there's one thing I find worse than having to make choices, and that's: no choices being made.

Choice-limbo is my own personal hell.

I'd rather make a really bad decision, than no decision.


"Where shall we eat tonight?" " I don't know - where would you like to eat?"

No, no, no, no, nooooo. That’s  totally unfair - I just asked you!

Don't do this to me. This is stress-central for me.


I'm a super-decision maker 5 days a week. Want me to help you decide? I'm here.

But sometimes I just want to switch off. 

Enough with the decisions already.


If you're anything like me, there are times that you want to give your poor overworked brain a decision-holiday.

The solution? (don't kill me) Making REAL choices.

Simple - either

  • do it

  • plan it

  • decide it's not worth it, and forget about it


Or be lazy - but don't blame others for being decision-lazy too.


You’re  not tired of making choices. Clear, simple choices give energy.

It's the ones you put off that drain you.



Happy choosing