Recruitment audit

Finally you have received the ok to hire someone, and now you feel reluctant: you have to create a job description, place an advert on the job sites, get agencies aligned - and still find no suitable candidate. Shouldn’t this be easier?

Let’s look at the strengths in your current recruitment process, and where you could make adjustments - even small ones - with great impact.

Why a Recruitment Audit?

A good employee who leaves. A team that grows. A vacancy that has been open for months. That new guy that everyone was so happy with at the beginning, who doesn’t seem to integrate that well. Recruitment and selection is, to say the least, a big challenge for many companies.

You have already spoken to several agencies, placed adverts, even tried headhunting ... and yet some functions can’t seem to get filled.

What now?

There are a lot of small things, that don’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money, which you can change yourself to your recruitment process, which can make a big difference. No miracles, no empty promises - just small, practical things that you can use immediately.

How does a Recruitment Audit work?

A recruitment audit is spread over 4 half days, which we organize together with you and a small team of key players in your company. In between the sessions you and your team will use the materials to start testing ideas and involving any other relevant people.

At the end of the audit, we will provide you with a concrete plan of action, tailored to your company, which will allow you to make small, but very powerful changes that have an immediate effect.

Session 1

As Is

SWOT analysis of the current process

What is your current recruitment process? * What are the challenges you are currently facing? * What is your reputation as a potential employer on the market? * What can you offer candidates - and not just financially? * How do you handle a contract negotiation? * How do you integrate & train new employees? * What else have you already tried that did not work?

Session 2

If Everything were Possible

What is your ideal future?

What is the company’s direction? * What do you predict will be the challenges for recruitment? * What would the ideal recruitment process look like? For you? For the candidates? * Which ideas have you seen, heard about or experienced yourself that you would like to integrate? * Where else could you find more inspiration?

Session 3

Making Choices

Back to reality: now that we now what your ideal future is – let’s find out what is possible today. And which choices you are willing to make.

Which choices will you make? Now and in the future * What could be quick wins? * What are the things you are prepared to invest in?* In which parts of the process would you like to involve people more, or less?* What are the ideas that really fit in with your company culture, that could boost the whole process? *

Session 4

Action Plan

Based on this 3-step analysis, we draft a concrete, practical action plan together with you. We will fine-tune and finalize the plan after the session, so you have a ready to use document that allows you to get started immediately.

Clear definition of the candidate profile * Communication tailored to the specific target group of candidates * A practical approach to employer branding * Targeted interviews * The right number of steps in the process * Clear focus on the candidate experience throughout the process *

Now it’s up to you!

Unless you prefer to get support with the roll-out & implementation - of course we can help you with that as well.

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